Business Register Data in English

For our registered users, the documents from the business register are available in English as well. The accessible documents are:

  • Excerpts from the business register in full or in part with up-to-date or historical data as of a specified effective date with or without formal signature from the Ministry of Justice. The required input is the business register number and an effective date. If no effective date is chosen, it is set to the current date by default.
  • Electronically recorded documents, such as business data, annual financial statements, persons/entities, offices, legal facts, contracts etc.
  • Annual accounts. These also require the business register number  and, if desired, a specific date or year
  • Search. Under this tab, you can search for businesses, persons or entities, changes, and HRA/HRB/GEN number (for data that was recorded before the business register was migrated to electronic data processing). The necessary inputs are name for the business and person/entity search, the type of change and the period of time for changes, the HRA/HRB/GEN number for this search, and the business register number for a selection of documents. Other inputs are optional to refine your search
  • Business information for performance of quick research in the business register. Here, it is possible to search by business name, business register number, person or entity, and province, where business name or register number are required inputs.

Detailed explanations about the individual tabs can be found directly on the page for the business register search by the Ministry of Justice. Please note that while the titles and headers of a document obtained in English are in English language, the actual contents as recorded by the respective court are in German, which will look like this:

For the land register, English excerpts are currently not available.

If you need assistance with the retrieval of English documents or have any questions about them, please contact our customer support via the channels listed on our contact page.


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